Cycling paths on the site (Rules)

Is the weather good outside? Do you like to ride a bike or other two-wheeled vehicle, but don't know how to entertain yourself? Try to participate in our competitions, go to the page where there is a complete list of bike paths, where you can compete with other participants. Choose the right route and try to go faster than the others.

How does it work?

1. First, you need to log in, if you use Facebook or have a Google account, you can log in using these services, or you can go through a simple registration, after which you can start.

2. Look carefully at the route map. Look where the starting point is, you need to drive as close as possible to the starting point and then the Start button is activated.

3. As soon as you click on the start, the stopwatch will start, where you will see the time that the route takes you. Once you get to the finish line. The game will automatically stop and record your time. But it is important to consider the following:

3.1 It is imperative that when you cross the finish line, it is important that the phone is not blocked, otherwise your geolocation will not be taken into account! During the trip itself, the phone may be blocked, because at this moment it is not necessary to know your geolocation!

3.2 Everyone has different phones, some have old ones, some have newer ones and, accordingly, the speed of data processing, and geolocation processing can take more, some less time. Also, mobile connection can be bad. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that when you arrive at the finish point, it may take more time to read your location and fix the time. But it usually takes less than a second.

3.3 Do not use this service for serious contests or competitions, this service is for fun! Nothing more, nothing less!

What is worth knowing?

The geolocation we read from your phone can tell you where you are. Thus, we determine whether you are at the starting point or not. And we also understand when we arrived at the finish line. Geolocation can only be read when the phone is not locked and when the page where the competition is taking place is open. In any other case, geolocation will not be read.

We take into account only the start and finish points, so you can choose any route.


As mentioned earlier, this project was created for fun! It is important to always follow the rules of the road and treat road users with respect!