Game rules

What is a quest game?

This is a competitive game with a vivid plot, a set of tasks and puzzles that will give you new emotions and also introduce you to the city of Riga, as well as to other cities. In the game, people are divided into teams and the winner is the one whose team will complete all the tasks faster. Usually an unlimited number of people can participate in quest games.

Whichever quest you choose from our list, the main need is to have a fully charged phone with you, which must have Internet and GPS, Since almost all quests have a task with finding a specific location where your current position will be tracked.

Rules of the game

Each person participating in the game must be provided with a Login and Password with which you can connect to the game. The login and password of all players comes to the mail after the payment that was specified in the order.

After each player enters their data, the game will automatically start. Therefore, it is very important that all the people who appear in the application when placing an order participate, because if someone is absent, the game will assume that the player is not ready, and will wait until the player connects to the game. For this, it is important if any of the players plans not to participate. We ask you to inform us about this in advance so that we can exclude this player.

After the game has started, the team must take turns completing the task until the game is over. Each task will have hints that will be displayed after a certain time, so if your team finds it difficult to answer the question. Then the hints will sooner or later lead you to the answer, or they will allow you to skip the task and you will immediately move on to the next one.


Each hint is shown after a certain time. The timer for the next hint will start only when you read the previous hint!

Every player in his team has every right to an answer. If one of the players entered the correct answer, it will be completed for everyone from this team and everyone will move on to the next task.

Types of quests

Tasks can be of different types:

  • Text

    This type of quest requires an answer to the question in the form of text. Usually such questions can lead to a place where there is an inscription that needs to be rewritten exactly as it is written, regardless of what language you are playing in. But there are also those where the answer may depend on the chosen language. For example, "What do you see in the picture", and there is a dog drawn there. Then you have to write the answer in the language you are playing in.

  • Geolocation

    This type of task requires you to come to the place indicated in the question. In this case, we will monitor your position every 5 seconds and check if you are in place. And only when you are in place, the task will be completed. To do this, it is quite important to use a modern phone, with a good connection and the Internet.


    Geolocation only works when the phone is unlocked and when you are on the game page!

Also, the sequence of tasks can be of different types:

  • Linear

    This is when all teams have a back sequence in the same sequence.

  • Random

    This is when the sequence of tasks can be different for each team. This is done so that the other team cannot follow in the footsteps of the other team.

Transport vehicle

Each quest has a detailed description of the necessary inventory, as well as a vehicle. Some games can be regional and such transports as a bicycle, electric scooter and other similar ones that can be used on sidewalks can be used.

And the last of the types is where the vehicle is not needed.