Find the dogs (Imanta)

Find the dogs (Imanta)

  • Game type: Bike
  • Tasks type: Random

Throughout the Imanta there are many graffiti and other drawings depicting dogs. Gather with your friends and compete to see who can find all the dogs the fastest!

Be sure to read the rules before playing
€10.00 per group


Below on the map are the places where is the best to start the game. Tip, before starting the game, all teams should gather in the designated places.

Briefly about the plot

Plunge into the world of street art of Imanta. The most unusual photo orientation in which you have ever had to take part. Street art artist left his dogs in Imanta - find them all.

  • Minimum number of players: 1
  • Maximum number of players: unlimited

What will be required from the player

  1. A charged mobile phone,where is internet connection, as well as GPS enabled.
  2. A bicycle or any other vehicle that can be driven on public sidewalks.(PS you can also use an electric scooter, but there is a chance that te charge for the whole game will not be enough and you will have to look for a replacement vehicle during the game!).

Which tasks will be

  • Using your geolocation , we will determine whether you have found the location specified in the task.
  • All tasks for different teams will be in a different sequence