Looking for a criminal

Looking for a criminal

  • Game type: Car
  • Tasks type: Linear

Have you ever felt yourself in the skin of a detective? You have a great opportunity to be a detective named Kensler, who will have to walk the steps of the criminal.

Be sure to read the rules before playing
€10.00 per group


Below on the map are the places where is the best to start the game. Tip, before starting the game, all teams should gather in the designated places.

Briefly about the plot

At a time when people were kinder and the grass greener, a detective lived. At that time, everyone knew about his merits in the city. He revealed many things thanks to his extraordinary mind. Now there is less crime and his affairs were worse. But one short call in his office made the detective gather and remember the past. Go with the detective towards the adventures.

  • Minimum number of players: 2
  • Maximum number of players: unlimited

What will be required from the palyer

  1. A charged mobile phone, where is an internet connection, as well as GPS enabled.
  2. A refuelled vehicle or any other vehicle that can be driven on public roads.

Which tasks will be

  • Using your geolocation , we will determine whether you have found the location specified in the task.
  • All tasks for different commands will be in the same sequence