Demo game (Imanta)

Demo game (Imanta)

  • Game type: Bike
  • Tasks type: Linear

Free demo game mode, which will acquaint you with what our quest games are. There will be 3 tasks, in which there will be all the main types of quests. A great opportunity to try, before starting the game in a full-fledged quest.

Be sure to read the rules before playing

€0.00 per person

Briefly about the plot

In the demo version of the quest there will be 3 tasks with hints, which will allow you to get acquainted with how our quest games work.

  • Minimum number of players: 1
  • Maximum number of players: unlimited

What will be required from the palyer

  1. A charged mobile phone, where is an internet connection, as well as GPS enabled.
  2. A bicycle or any other vehicle that can be driven on public sidewalks. (PS you can also use an electric scooter, but there is a chance that the charge for the whole game will not be enough and you will have to look for a replacement vehicle during the game!).

Which tasks will be

  • Using your geolocation, we will determine whether you have found the location specified in the task.
  • Classic where you will need to enter a text response .


Below on the map are the places where is the best to start the game. Tip, before starting the game, all teams should gather in the designated places.